Kings Peak

Kings Peak

The first ever 2 person 1-2 dog tent that will make backpacking with your dog a breeze! It includes:

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If your dog is crate trained or loves their personal area at night, they will thrive with this tent set-up. After using our Kings Peak tent for the first time I can tell you, we won’t be using any other tent. Ollie slept more than he ever has backpacking, which is important because dogs need their rest just as much as humans do. He was never anxious because he could see that we were right next to him all night, and I even slept better knowing he was safe in his own area.


Free tent

Small storage pocket

The perfect tent for you
& your four legged family members☀︎

Zipper to remove indoor wall to allow quick and easy access to hang out with your dog whenever you want

Indoor mesh wall between you and your dog so it feels like there isn’t anything between you

Separate outside doggy door so your dog doesn’t have to go over your sleeping bag to get outside

Why use our Kings Peak tent?

Before we created the Kings Peak tent, sleeping with a dog while backpacking was a no-win situation. In our experience, our dog Ollie was either sleeping inside the tent with us getting dirt and mud all over our sleeping bags and gear or on the dirt outside the tent in the rainfly vestibule where he was exposed to the elements and could potentially escape.

Why it works!

-Let’s be honest both you, and more importantly, your dog will get a better night’s rest in your own separate spaces
-It separates your dirty dog from your gear
-You will know your dog is safe and protected from the elements inside the tent
-The interior wall is mesh reducing anxiety for your dog, and you, because they can see you at all times
-The separate dog section utilizes your dog’s natural instinct or prior crate training to adjust quickly for a good night’s rest

What gives us the right?

Just like everyone else we bought a puppy during the 2020 pandemic and it has been a blast. Even before we got Ollie, backpacking was a big part of our lives and we wanted our pup to be a part of that too. Taking dogs to the mountains is like taking kids to Disneyland, they obvious belong there. But we quickly found there was no easy way to accommodate Ollie sleeping at night without either making a mess of our gear or making him sleep outside. After contemplating a DIY solution, we decided that we should spend more time and effort to make the perfect solution and see if others were interested in the same idea. So, we created the Kings Peak tent that we are so excited to launch through a crowdfunding campaign.

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